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Hello! My name is Serhii.
I'm an IT professional with more than 20 years experience in printing industry.
During last 15 years I've been delivering projects involving Esko solutions in these professional areas:

Prepress automation

Esko Automation Engine, PackEdge, Plato, ArtPro, WebCenter, etc.
Implementation, tuning, training


Integration of Esko Automation Engine with MIS solutions, web-shops, web and custom real-time processing systems


Technical audit of prepress departments. Workflow tuning. Training, installation, implementation


That’s why this site was created :) Dealing with customers I decided to make a place for them, where I could demonstrate common tips and tricks

serhii tantsura

Project manager. Enterpreneur.
“During collaboration with my customers I found out that many of them face a number of similar technical questions. And I created this free resource to share my experience”

Projects delivered

During 2016-2018, a number of interesting projects were completed for the clients from different regions.
Here are a few examples:

MTL Carton, Lithuania
Automation Engine integration with web-shop, realtime processing of customer files.
Prepress automation, MIS integration
SIA “Polipaks”, Latvia
Optimization, automation and implementation of pre-press workflow
LabelPrint OÜ, Estonia
Prepress automation. Integration with MIS and digital printing press.
Data Plate OÜ, Estonia
Automation of flexo plates cutting preparation
Spektr-R, Belorussia
Prepress automation. MIS integration.
Altrade LLC, Ukraine
Automation of prepress and order preparation
FOC TUBA Ltd, Ukraine
Prepress automation. Workflow optimization. Integration.
AM-PG Security, Armenia
Specific implementation of Esko Imaging Engine


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